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SKF Bearing heaters

SKF manufactures a range of bearing heaters to facilitate safe and efficient mounting, without risking damage to the bearing, seal or surrounding machinery. 

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What are the benefits of choosing a SKF bearing heater?

SKF is recognised as a world leader in maintenance equipment. SKF's bearing heaters have an innovative design which puts safety at the forefront. 

Benefits of choosing a SKF bearing heater include: 

Saves time

SKF bearing heaters help to reduce time spent on maintenance. With the largest heater capable of heating a 220kg bearing in just 20 minutes, the time and energy that it takes you to mount bearings could be greatly reduced with SKF bearing heaters.

Improved worker safety

SKF bearing heaters put worker safety at the forefront of innovation. They showcase safety features such as supporting arms to prevent bearing toppling, ergonomic yokes and a remote control to facilitate a safe operating distance.

Prevent damage

SKF bearing heaters help to prevent damage to bearings, seals and surrounding equipment by heating bearings for mounting in a controlled manner, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the bearing. This allows the bearing to slowly expand, and then be slid easily onto the shaft. 

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