ACORN® is one of the largest bearing suppliers in the UK. An authorised distributor for many industry leading manufacturers, ACORN supplies genuine, high-quality bearings backed by a full manufacturer's warranty.

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Our bearing brands

  • Cooper
  • SKF
  • NSK
  • RHP
  • Timken
  • Schaeffler
  • FAG
  • INA
  • RBC
  • IKO
  • Permaglide
  • FSB
  • FSZ
  • NKE

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Application of bearings

Bearings play a crucial role in various industrial and domestic applications by facilitating smooth and efficient movement, reducing friction between moving parts. Here are some common applications of bearings:

  • Workshops: Bearings are used in shafting in workshops.

  • Machine Tools: Spindles of machine tools such as lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, etc., use bearings for smooth operation.

  • Engines: The crankshafts of engines employ bearings to reduce friction and ensure efficient operation.

  • Automobiles: Axles of automobiles use bearings to facilitate smooth rotation.

  • Farm Machinery: Bearings are used in various farm machinery for efficient operation.

  • Domestic Appliances: Many domestic appliances use bearings to reduce friction between their moving parts.

  • Office Machinery: Office machinery like printers and photocopiers use bearings for their functioning.

  • Garden Tools: Various garden tools employ bearings for their operation.

These applications highlight the versatility of bearings and their significant role in reducing friction and ensuring smooth operation across various sectors.

Bearing suppliers near me

If you need a bearing fast, ACORN's local branch network is perfectly positioned to help. All branches carry stocks of rolling bearings and power transmission products for local collection and delivery. Our central distribution centre holds millions more products, which can be at your local branch the next morning. Experienced and knowledgeable staff are waiting to help you find the right components for your application.

To find a branch near you, view a list of our local branches. Alternatively, you can order online, and we will ship your order directly from our central distribution centre, which stocks over seven million engineering components.

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Bearings FAQs

What is the definition of bearing?

A bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion and reduces friction between moving parts. It’s a device that supports moving parts and allows them to move more smoothly by reducing friction.

How do I know what size of bearing I need?

The size of a bearing can be determined by measuring its key dimensions: the inner diameter (ID), the outer diameter (OD), and the width (W). This can be done using a vernier calliper or a ruler.

How do you know if a bearing is still good?

The condition of a bearing can be evaluated by examining the condition of bearing raceways and external surfaces, the amount of cage wear, the increase in internal clearance, and degradation of tolerances. Other signs of a good bearing include absence of noise, vibration, or wobbling when the bearing is in operation.

What is the average life of a bearing?

The average life of a bearing varies depending on its type and application. For instance, front-wheel bearings can last approximately 85-100k miles, while rear-wheel bearings tend to last longer – typically between 100-150k miles12. The basic rating life, L10, is that life which 90% of a representative group of identical bearings can be expected to achieve or exceed before subsurface material fatigue appears.