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The Split Bearing was designed to provide a solution to the particular problem of how to replace a bearing quickly without having to remove other components within a machine. The answer that Thomas Cooper came up with was to split a roller bearing into two halves, so that he could effectively wrap it around a shaft.

Increasingly, design engineers & maintenance engineers are turning to split bearings to save time and create new, efficient machinery.

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What are the benefits of using a split bearing?

  1. Easier to maintain – inspection of the bearing components is easier than with a solid bearing and housing assembly.
  2. Quicker to replace – No time-consuming machine strip down as all components split into two halves, saving hours or days of downtime in some cases. The split bearing is also much easier to work on in a confined space as all components are smaller.
  3. Longer bearing life – Seals are used on the cartridge rather than the bearing, the split bearing has a more effective way of keeping foreign particles out than a conventional solid, sealed bearing.

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