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An SKF Bearing provides durability and long-lasting performance, helping to reduce bearing replacement and downtime. SKF design many specialist bearings and components to meet the requirements of the industrial market. When selecting your bearing, it's worth considering whether you need seals or shields and any specific bearing lubrication requirements.

Buying SKF bearings from ACORN also comes with an added benefit. As an Authorised Distributor, we ensure your purchase comes with a full manufacturer warranty and guaranteed traceability for extra peace of mind.

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What makes SKF bearings stand out from all the other bearings on the market?

Here's why we think you should consider choosing SKF the next time you’re looking for a replacement bearing. 

1. Extended service life

Every single business has productivity at its core, looking to extend their maintenance intervals and keep downtime to a minimum. SKF has spent decades developing their bearings to have the longest possible service life.

SKF bearings have been proven to extend service life when compared to equivalent bearings from other manufacturers. A longer service life means reduced chance of machine breakdown, minimised downtime and enhanced productivity.

2. Options for every application

Whether you’re operating in the stringent food and beverage industry, the depths of the marine industry or the harsh aggregate industry, SKF's wide range of products stand up to the demands of your operating environment.

Specialist bearings and components meet the requirements of every industry. As an example, Their Food Line bearings have been designed with the challenges of the food and beverage industry in mind and are able to stand up to high pressured washdowns whilst complying with all relevant legislation.

3. Research and development

When you purchase an SKF bearing, you aren’t just buying a bearing. You’re also purchasing over a century of research and development which has gone in to designing and developing every single rolling bearing.

Since 1907, SKF has dedicated time and resources in developing innovative solutions for every industry. Through this innovation, SKF has developed products which deliver reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

4. Warranty

Every SKF bearing come with a warranty for your peace of mind. Should your bearing fail prematurely, ACORN work with the manufacturer to perform a root cause analysis on the bearing. If it is found to have failed due to a manufacturing fault, SKF will repair or replace the bearing, taking a weight from your shoulders.

5. Sustainability

Bearings, first and foremost, reduces friction. Over the lifetime of a machine or an application, this helps to ower CO2 emissions. Contributing at every stage during the lifecycle of the bearing, starting with our sourcing and manufacturing. To that end, the manufacturer's aim is to decarbonise all of their operations by 2030 and to have net zero emissions throughout the supply chain by 2050. 

At ACORN, we truly believe in the SKF difference. We are proud to be an authorised distributor, supplying sustainable, high-performance bearings that live up to SKF's global reputation for high-quality bearings.

Why Choose SKF?

SKF bearings can be found in every industry and every type of application. This stands as a testament to the manufacturers popularity and reliability. Whatever your application, rest assured that when buying an SKF product, you're purchasing a bearing that stands the test of time and offers exceptional bearing life.

How do I select the right SKF ball bearing for my application?

Consider factors such as load type (radial and axial), load capacity, speed requirements, environmental conditions, and specific application needs. Consulting SKF's technical support can help ensure the correct selection.

Can SKF ball bearings be used in high-temperature environments?

Yes, SKF ball bearings are available in configurations that can withstand high temperatures. Check the specifications for temperature limits and compatibility with your application.