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SKF ball bearings are one of the most widely used brands of ball bearing in the world. SKF manufactures a vast range of high quality bearings to suit all applications and industries. Browse our SKF ball bearings range or search for a specific skf item number using the field above.

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Where are SKF ball bearings used?

SKF ball bearings are found in every industry, in a vast array of applications. SKF is often the brand of choice, thanks to its world-renowned status as a manufacturer of high quality ball bearings which are built to last. 

In simple terms, a ball bearing is used to reduce the friction between moving components, whilst providing support to the shaft. In high speed applications with a low to medium load carrying requirement, SKF ball bearings are typically the bearing of choice. 

Applications in which SKF ball bearings are used include:

  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • Industrial pumps
  • Industrial fans
  • Cars & trucks

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