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With 16% of premature bearing failures causing by poor fitting, the benefits of using safe methods of fitting bearings is clear. SKF manufactures a range of bearing heating tools to take the effort out of mounting and dismounting bearings.

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What are the benefits of using SKF heating tools?

The benefits of using SKF induction heaters to mount and dismount bearings include:

Consistent temperature

SKF induction heaters ensure that whatever the size of bearing, the temperature it is heated to is consistent and safe. This helps to avoid bearing damage, which is commonly seen when heating a bearing with an oil bath or flame. 

Increased service life of machine components

Using brute force to mount and dismount bearings carries a high risk of bearing damage, as well as damage to surrounding equipment. Using a bearing heater helps to prevent both the bearings and surrounding machinery against damage and consequently, premature failure. 

Reduced risk of worker injury

Heating tools help to reduce the risk of worker injury, by reducing the manual effort associated with fitting bearings. In comparison to oil baths which have a high risk of burns, bearing heaters are a safe and efficient alternative. 

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