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SKF's laser alignment tool for belt and pulley alignment includes the excellent TKBA 40 belt alignment tool, which aligns the pulleys where it counts the most – from within the grooves. Other pulley alignment laser tools include TKBA 10 and TKBA 20.


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How to check pulley and belt alignment with the TKBA 40

V-guides and powerful magnets allow the SKF belt alignment to be fitted in the grooves of the pulley. With only two components, a laser-emitting unit and a receiver unit, the belt alignment tool is easy and fast to attach. The three dimensional target area on the receiver unit allows the easy detection of misalignment as well as its nature - whether it is horizontal, vertical, parallel or a combination of all three. Armed with this precise information, the operator can easily make the appropriate adjustments, until the laser line corresponds with the reference line on the receiver unit.

Versatile and user-friendly:

  • Powerful magnets allow fast and easy attachment
  • Easy-to-use, requires no special training to operate
  • Three-dimensional target area simplifies the alignment process
  • Facilitates simultaneous adjustment of tension and alignment
  • V-guides facilitate the alignment of a wide range of V-belt pulleys
  • Special side adaptor allowing alignment of multi-ribbed and timing belt pulleys as well as chain sprockets is available as an accessory
  • A maximum operating distance of 6 meters (20 ft) makes it suitable for use in various applications
  • Sturdy aluminium housings provide great assembly stability and accuracy

Pinpoint accuracy with laser technology:

  • Aligns grooves of the pulley rather than its face, allowing the alignment of pulleys of unequal width or with dissimilar faces – even fits applications where the pulley face cannot be used as a reference
  • No trial and error. The laser position indicates the nature of misalignment allowing easy and accurate adjustment

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Laser Type

  • Red laser diode (4)
  • Green laser diode (2)
  • Narrow angle orange LED (1)


  • Magnetic, side mounted (5)
  • Magnetic, groove mounted (1)

Laser wavelength

  • 635 nm (3)
  • 520nm (1)
  • 532 nm (1)
  • 632 nm (1)

Laser line length

  • 2.4 m at 2 m (3)
  • 2 m at 2 m (2)
  • 3 m at 2 m (1)

Measurement distance

  • 50 mm to 3 m (3)
  • 50 mm to 6 m (3)

Measurement accuracy angular

  • Better than 0.02° at 2 m (6)