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SKF Laser alignment & metal shim kits

A range of SKF laser alignment tools to suit most requirements are held in stock, and in most cases, can be dispatched same-day. SKF manufactures high-quality pulley alignment laser tools, shaft laser alignment tools and packs of metal shims and shim kits. 

Reducing costs and optimizing assets is becoming the norm in most industrial businesses, and the necessity of accurate alignment is now greater than ever. For example, a misaligned shaft, pulley or sprocket can contribute to rotating machinery breakdowns, impacting production. Precise alignment can help prevent many of these breakdowns, reducing unplanned downtime.

Reasons to buy from us

What alignment tools do SKF offer?

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Misalignment can cause a bearing to suffer additional load, friction and vibration.

After the bearing has been mounted in an application such as a motor connected to a pump, the application should be aligned. If the application is not properly aligned, the misalignment can cause the bearing to suffer additional load, friction and vibration. These can accelerate fatigue and reduce the bearing’s, as well as other machine components, service life. Furthermore, increased vibration and friction can significantly increase energy consumption and the risk of premature failures.

Our SKF Alignment tools

As the UK's leading SKF distributor, ACORN holds SKF Laser Alignment Equipment in stock to ensure your motors and pulleys are aligned properly. These include:

  • Laser shaft alignment tools
  • Shaft alignment tools with printer capability
  • Intrinsically safe shaft alignment tool
  • Metal shims and shim kits
  • Pulley alignment laser tools

Our maintenance product specialists are on hand to help with your technical issues and questions.

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