Renold roller chains

Renold manufactures a wide range of roller chain, to suit all applications and industries. From Renold SD chain to Renold Synergy, there is an option available to meet every application requirement. 

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What is the Renold chain range?

Renold roller chain has a high strength, typically lasting up to four times longer than the leading competitor chains. This is thanks to the optimised design of the chain's pin, bush and plates.

Renold chain also provides superior resistance to shock loads, as well as reduced bedding-in times. 

Renold Synergy

Renold Synergy roller chain has a strong reputation as a chain with excellent fatigue resistance and outstanding service life, endorsed by engineers around the world.

Renold’s new specially formulated lubricant also means that initial wear life is increased by up to 50%, reducing maintenance costs.

Renold A&S

Renold A&S roller chain is the most widely used chain brand in Europe, thanks to its reliability and performance. With hardened and shot-peened plates, it showcases high fatigue resistance and durability.

Renold SD

Renold SD (or Standard Duty) chain brings a new class of quality to the economy chain market. With sizes ranging from 6.35mm to 2.5 inch pitch, and BS ANSI and DIN standard chains available, there’s bound to be an option to suit every standard duty application.  

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