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RotaLube’s Inaccessible Chain Lubrication Kit is promoted as being the ultimate maintenance solution for chain-driven applications. It enables engineers to safely lubricate chain whilst machinery is in operation, without the need to remove guards.

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How does the RotaLube Inaccessible Chain Lubrication Kit work?

The RotaLube® Inaccessible Chain Lubrication Kit consists of a RotaLube sprocket which is mounted onto the drive using an L-shaped bracket and meshes with the chain. The sprocket is then connected to a flexible pipe, which is secured to a double ended connector, outside the chain guard.

When lubrication is required, an aerosol can be quickly connected to the pipe and sprayed onto the chain through the sprocket, enabling lubrication to be applied easily and safely.

The Inaccessible Chain Lubrication Kit enables you to reduce downtime and costs to the business, as lubrication can be carried out during operation.

Worker safety is also prioritised with RotaLube’s Inaccessible Chain Lubrication Kit, as there is no need to remove the chain guard to carry out lubrication. This reduces the potential for an accident to occur, as well as keeping downtime to a minimum.

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