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Renold Chain is the world's most trusted manufacturer of premium quality chains and links. With a broad range of products, buying Renold chain provides customers peace of mind, guaranteed performance and excellent wear characteristics.

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Reasons to buy from us

What types of transmission chain does Renold manufacture?

Renold manufactures a wide range of British Standard simplex, duplex and triplex transmission chains. These include:

  • RENOLD (Blue-box brand) - Highly fatigue resistant
    A unique control over pin/bush contact ensures that wear life exceeds other brands. Little initial chain adjustment is therefore required. Gives up to four times the life of other leading competitor chains. Breaking loads exceed the minimum requirements of international standards.
  • Synergy chain - Strong, powerful and better performance
    The only true high-performance roller chain on the market. 
  • Syno - Environmentally safe and economically sound.
    Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount When working with food, paper, and packaging. At the same time, keeping business moving and avoiding costly downtime is essential. That’s why you need Renold Syno chain, the no-lube chain that keeps your machines running smoothly every day—minimising maintenance, cutting manpower costs, eliminating downtime and reducing lubricating oil entering the environment.
  • SD chain
    A standard-duty chain competitively priced
  • A&S chain
    High-quality and affordable, A&S chain offers reliability and performance.
  • Sovereign - Superior abrasion resistance chain
    Abrasive environments such as brick and tile manufacture, which are characterised by dust and debris, are perfect examples of applications that demand the inclusion of Renold Sovereign chain. Renold Sovereign includes a particular surface treatment that ensures greatly increased wear resistance. The chain is able to withstand the effect of dust and debris infiltrating the bearing areas between pins, bushes and plates, an effect that would quickly grind away a standard specification chain.

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