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As authorised distributors for manufacturers including; RENOLD, PROTORQUESKFTSUBAKI and REXNORD, we offer a broad range of chain types and pitches in both British (BS-ISO) and American (ANSI) standards.

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What are the advantages of industrial chain?

Chain is one of the most commonly used drive components. But what are the advantages of using chain as your power transmission drive? 


Industrial chain is very robust. It is very unlikely to snap during operation, and with the correct maintenance can last for years.

High level of efficiency

Chain has a very high level of efficiency due to the toothed sprockets that grip the chain. This means that there cannot be any slippage, keeping efficiency levels high.

Maintenance free options available

Maintenance free industrial chains are available for use in areas which are difficult to access. This can prolong the life of the chain, as well as improving worker safety.

Attachments available

Attachments such as buckets are available for conveying material.


Where is industrial chain used?

Chain applications tend to be relatively low speeds and higher torques in comparison to belt drives. These include applications such as:

  • Speed reducers for gearboxes
  • Conveyor drives
  • Fork lifts

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