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Top 3 sealing solutions for challenging environments

Acorn recommends the top seals for harsh operating conditions.

New ContiTech Agricultural Belt Brings a Power Transmission Revolution to the Agri Industry

NEW ARGIDUR drive belt has been specifically developed for use in the harsh conditions of the agricultural industry.

Comparing the maintenance of heavy equipment in rural and urban applications

Urban and rural environments are really different and they put different stresses on heavy equipment accordingly.

Chain Lubrication for Farm Machinery

Chains are a vital transmission element when it comes to farm machinery. In order for them to perform to their maximum efficiency and last for longer, they must be maintained carefully. Automated lubrication...

SKF Agricultural Y-bearing Units

Designed to endure the harshest operating conditions, SKF agricultural Y-bearing units are developed with the specific aim of functioning in agricultural applications. They also help reduce the environmental...

SKF Linear motion, in conjunction with Acorn Industrial Services, provides fresh air for plant growers

Traditional commercial greenhouses, with either manually opened or remotely operated roof sections, and polytunnels with lift-up side panels, can make it difficult to control ideal growing conditions,...

Harnessing Natures Climate Benefits

In an exciting and innovative new application for SKF actuators and controllers, Acorn Linear has been working with Naturelight Greenhouses to produce a fully opening and controllable greenhouse roof....


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