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SKF Agricultural Y-bearing Units

Designed to endure the harshest operating conditions, SKF agricultural Y-bearing units are developed with the specific aim of functioning in agricultural applications. They also help reduce the environmental impact and assist downtime.

Farmers have never been on more pressure to increase their productivity and output at a cost effective level. These days, the environmental impact of their work has also never come under so much scrutiny. Premature bearing failures across a range of agricultural applications are common; in the main due to locking device problems, contaminant or lost lubricant.

SKF agricultural Y-bearing units can help prevent such incidents occurring and ensure that a farms output and profitability is not affected. SKF recently conducted a series of extensive tests on their agricultural Y-bearing units, in both laboratory and field conditions.

“Thanks largely to their relubrication-free, five-lip seal design, SKF agricultural Y-bearing units will last four years or more, versus the one to three year life cycle of conventional bearings. SKF agricultural Y-bearing units with the SKF ConCentra advanced locking method will extend service life even further, as will those with optional corrosion-resistance .”

What all of this means in practice, is that the units can increase service life by as much as 30 to 50%. More time in the field for any farmer will mean more productivity, better results and ultimately greater profitability.

The design of the SKF agricultural Y-bearing unit is of key significance to both its effectiveness and long lasting duress, but also its ability to reduce the environmental impact of farming. The robust, five-lip seal design is such that it enables the unit to prevent grease from contaminating soil, crops or groundwater supplies. This design is used in the two models in the range.

“YELAG Y-bearings feature an eccentric locking collar, and are intended for normal application conditions. YSPAG Y-bearings feature the SKF Con-Centra concentric locking method, and are specifically designed for demanding applications in terms of loads and speeds .” 

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