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Gates Pilot bore timing pulleys

Innovatively designed to work seamlessly with Gates Poly Chain® timing belts, Gates pilot bore timing pulleys interlock perfectly with the teeth of the timing belt to minimise belt slippage and maximise drive efficiency.

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What are the benefits of choosing a Gates pilot bore timing pulley?

When you’ve invested time and money into choosing the best belt for your drive, it makes sense to choose the right pulley to support it.

If you decide to choose the world-class Gates Poly-Chain® timing belt for your power transmission application, it makes sense to combine it with the optimum pulley from Gates. This is the best way to guarantee outstanding performance and an enhanced service life from your belt drive.

These timing pulleys are supplied with a pilot bore, meaning that they can be machined to fit your shaft perfectly, minimising the chances of slippage and extending service life.

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