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Designed to complement Gates Poly Chain® belts perfectly, Gates manufactures a range of pulleys which optimise the performance of your belt drive.

Reasons to buy from us

Why choose a Gates pulley for your belt drive?

You’ve spent time and money choosing the optimal belt for your application and you’re sure you’ve made the right choice. Surely that’s the important part of the process over? Unfortunately not.

Belt performance depends largely on pulley performance. You can purchase a premium quality belt which is perfect for your application, but if you select the wrong pulley, it could still end in disaster. Get the right pulley and you will increase the life of your belt, reducing the total cost of ownership of your application.

It’s essential that the pulley that you choose matches the belt you’re using. If you decide to use the world-class Gates Poly Chain® timing belt in your application, you’ll get the best possible performance and service life from your belt if you pair it with a Gates pulley.

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