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Using a hand-held tachometer enables a quick and easy assessment of the machine’s running speed.

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SKF TMRT tachometer

The SKF TMRT series includes two user-friendly and accurate Tachometers utilising laser or contact for measuring rotational and linear speed: TMRT 1 and TMRT 1Ex. Equipped with laser and contact adaptor, both Tachometers offer excellent speed measurement versatility in five different modes. Additionally, their large angular range of ± 80° to target facilitates the easy measurement in areas where straight-line access is difficult. The laser optical system allows easy and quick speed measurement at safe distance from rotating machinery.

Intrinsically Safe Tachometer TMRT 1Ex

The SKF TMRT 1 is also available in an intrinsically safe (Ex) version, especially designed for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas. The TMRT 1Ex has been tested and certified according to the latest ATEX standards in intrinsic safety zones generally found in industries such as the petrochemical, gas and pharmaceutical among others. EC Type Examination Certificate Baseefa03ATEX0425X.II 2 G EEx ia IIC T4

  • The user can select to measure:
    • rpm, rps, m, ft or yds per minute or second,
    • length or revolution counting, or
    • time interval
  • Wide speed range and the various measurement modes make the TMRT series suitable for measuring speed in many applications
  • Large angular range of ± 80° to target facilitates easy measuring in areas where straight-line access is difficult
  • The large inverting LCD display facilitates easy reading even when pointing the unit down into the machinery
  • Compact design - one-hand operated instrument
  • Supplied in carrying case for protection and portability
  • The TMRT 1 can also be equipped with remote laser sensor, which is available as an optional extra

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