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SKF machine condition indicators

The SKF CMSS 200 machine condition indicator is an affordable condition advisor that monitors non-critical machines for changes in vibration and temperature.

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What are the benefits of using SKF machine condition indicators?

SKF CMSS 200 machine condition indicator

This economical vibration sensor and temperature indicator works well on machinery with constant operating conditions. It conserves battery life by switching into sleep mode, waking at pre-set intervals to take measurements.

The CMSS 200 has three small green led lights on the top of the unit which display red in a blinking pattern when an alarm is raised.

  • Free up more time to concentrate on maintenance instead of problem detection
  • Measures temperature and indicates uncharacteristic heat
  • Helps prevent false alarming
  • Modes to suit many different types of machine
  • Enveloped acceleration measurements for early bearing failure detection
  • Each unit is printed with a barcode and serial number enabling machine identification and easy integration into an Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) program.

Acorn hold the SKF range of CMSS 200 machine condition indicators in stock and can despatch them the same day.

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