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SKF 24 Automatic lubricators

SKF 24 Automatic Lubricators take the manual effort out of lubrication, ensuring that the correct amount of lubricant is dispensed at the correct interval. This will help to prolong the life of your valued machinery, protecting it against both contaminants and premature wear.

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SKF System 24 automatic lubricator how does it work?

The SKF 24 automatically lubricator is set up by turning the dial to the required emptying time in months. The gas is developed inside the batteries of the lubricator, whereby the electronics control the speed of gas development, enabling a stable and gradual dispense. The gas pushes the lubricant to the application, making it possible to install the lubricator in any direction and even under water.

The supply of lubricant can be monitored by checking the position of the piston. The selected grease or oil is delivered to the application or moving component via the lubricant reservoir, which can be directly screwed into the application, making for easy installation. The variable setting of between 1 and 12 months makes the lubricators suitable for a wide variety of lubrication needs.  The ATEX certificate makes the lubricator suitable for locations with a potentially explosive atmosphere. 

Increased Machine Reliability

SKF Automatic lubricators ensure that components receive the right amount of lubrication, at exactly the right time, removing the margin for human error and preserving the lifespan of machine components. 

With 36% of premature bearing failures attribute to improper lubrication, it is essential to ensure that components receive the correct quantity of lubrication at the right interval to give the component the best chance of achieving a full service life. 

Improved Worker Safety

For machinery which is operating in harsh conditions, or in dangerous and hard to reach locations, performing maintenance can be risky. 

Using an automatic lubricator means that no manual effort is required, reducing the risk of injury within the workforce. 

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

Removing the manual effort from lubrication means that a considerable amount of time is saved that would have been spent performing maintenance. This means that workers are free to perform other tasks such as proactive monitoring, and reduces machine downtime. 

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Product type

  • Single point automatic lubricator (53)
  • Lubricator accessories (14)
  • Sparepart, accessories for lubrication tool (11)
  • Multi point automatic lubricator (6)
  • Oil leveller (2)
  • Refillable automatic grease dispenser (2)
  • Filling adapter for TLRD cartridges (1)
  • Nipple (1)
  • SKF SYSTEM 24 electro-mechanical single point automatic lubricator, cabled version (1)

Lubricant Group

  • LGWA 2 (10)
  • LGEM 2 (6)
  • LGFG 2 (6)
  • LGHB 2 (6)
  • LHMT 68 (6)
  • LGHQ 2 (5)
  • LFFM 100 (3)
  • LGFQ 2 (3)
  • Empty (2)
  • LFFT 220 (1)
  • LGGB 2 (1)
  • LGWM 2 (1)
  • LHHT 250 (1)

Lubricant description

  • Grease for wide temperature range and extreme pressure (10)
  • Chain oil (6)
  • General purpose food grade grease (6)
  • Grease for high loads, wet environments and high temperatures (6)
  • High viscosity bearing grease with solid lubricants for heavy loads, heavy vibrations and slow rotations (6)
  • Food grade, NSF H1 approved oil (4)
  • High load, water resistant and wide temperature food grade grease (3)
  • Empty * (2)
  • Grease for wide temperature range (2)
  • High performance, high temperature (2)
  • Bearing grease for electric motors (1)
  • Bearing grease for high loads, wet environments and fluctuating temperatures (1)
  • Biodegredable bearing grease (1)
  • High temperature oil (1)
  • Medium temperature (LHMT 68) (1)

Other features

  • NSF ISO 21469 registered as well as Halal and Kosher certified (6)
  • NSF H1 approved oil (4)
  • NSF H1 registered; Halal and Kosher certified (3)

Lubricant Type

  • Grease (36)
  • Oil (12)


  • 125 ml (27)
  • 250 ml (16)
  • 60 ml (7)
  • 1000 ml (1)
  • 150 ml (1)
  • 500 ml (1)