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RotaLube® is revolutionising lubrication, with an innovative range of chain lubrication systems to suit almost every application and industry. RotaLube’s lubrication systems help to minimise downtime whilst increasing service life.

Reasons to buy from us

What are the benefits of choosing RotaLube® for your application?

RotaLube’s Inaccessible Chain Lubrication kit enables chain to be lubricated during operation, without the need for downtime.

Reduces downtime

Optimising uptime is a priority in every industry. RotaLube’s chain lubrication systems allow chain drives to be lubricated during operation, eliminating the need for downtime. This enables you to maximise your production and keep your overheads to a minimum. 

Increases chain life

With RotaLube, your chain will benefit from even distribution of lubricant, so you can rest assured that your chain is protected against wear and contamination. The ease of lubrication means that the process can be carried out regularly without incurring downtime. This helps to extend the service life of the chain as lubrication levels are more likely to be optimum.

Reduces lubricant consumption

RotaLube’s revolutionary concept means that lubricant is applied directly to the areas where it is really needed. This means that lubricant is not wasted on areas which do not require it, minimising wastage. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of lubrication, improving sustainability whilst keeping costs to the business to a minimum.

Improves worker safety

As RotaLube’s lubrication kits allow chain drives to be lubricated without removing the chain guards, workers remain protected from the moving components throughout the lubrication process. This helps to ensure worker safety during lubrication, without compromising on productivity.

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