AX34.5 EP, SKF, Classical raw-edge cogged v-Belt EPDM

Imperial, EPDM, PHG AX34.5EP, EAN code: 07316579570244

Brand SKF
Mfr Part No. AX34.5 EP
Acorn Code AX34.5EP-SKF
HS Code 4010 39 00 00
COO Singapore (SG)


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Belts provide a very efficient and cost-effective method for transmitting power from prime movers to driven machines. These raw-edge classical V-belts have cogs on their inside to enable the belts to flex around smaller pulleys. Without fabric covering their flanks, raw-edge belts can provide a higher friction and a minimized loss of power through slippage. The EPDM synthetic rubber cushion can significantly increase the life of belt drives when operating at high ambient temperatures.

• Excellent flexibility and high transverse rigidity
• Low elongation during operation
• Oil and heat resistant
• Suitable for tropical climates
• Reduced energy consumption and increased mean time between failures


Product Attributes
Manufacturer Product Code AX34.5 EP
Basic Product Description Classical raw-edge cogged v-Belt EPDM
Measurement Imperial
UOM Each
Inside Length Li (mm) 876
Datum Length Ld (mm) 906
Section Width (mm) 13
Section Height (mm) 9
Inside Length Li (in) 34.5
Weight (Kg) 0.0837
Section AX
Material EPDM
Cord Type Polyester
Temperature range -50'c to +120'c
Technical Excellent flexibility
Technical High transverse rigidity across belt
Technical Offers a long life when operating at high ambient temperatures
Basic Reference PHG AX34.5EP
Series EP
EAN 07316579570244


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