SPA1060, Gates, SUPER HC® Wedge Belt

Rubber, 9333-01060, EAN code: 5412571078336

Brand Gates
Mfr Part No. SPA1060
Acorn Code SPA1060-GATES
HS Code 4010 19 00 00
COO Poland (PL)


• Flex-Bonded Cords are strongly forged to the belt body, resulting in equal load distribution, resistance to fatigue and shockloads, and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.
• Arched top, concave sidewalls and rounded corners provide uniform tensile loading and uniform pulley sidewall contact for excellent belt service and reduced pulley wear.
• Notches moulded into the belt during manufacturing increase flexibility, making this belt well suited for drives with smaller diameter sheaves.
• The Flex-Weave® Cover is constructed for longer cover life, providing extended protection to the core of the belt from oil, dirt and heat.
• Gates Curves provide proper cord support and full contact with the sheave groove for uniform loading, uniform wear, and increased belt life.
• The vulcanised Flex-bonded tensile cords provide superior resistance to tensile and flexing forces, fatigue and shock loads.
• Belt Edge is machined for even sheave groove contact resulting in smoother running, less slip and wear.
• The belt will not catch fire from heat buildup, even with severe slippage.
• The Flex-Weave® oil and heat resistant cover protects the belt.


Product Attributes
Manufacturer Product Code SPA1060
Basic Product Description SUPER HC® Wedge Belt
Datum Length Ld (mm) 1060
Section Width (mm) 13
Section Height (mm) 10
Weight (Kg) 0.15
Material Rubber
Cord Type Polyester
Temperature range -30'c to +60'c
Technical Static conductive (ISO 1813)
Technical The Flex-Weave oil and heat resistant cover protects the belt.
Technical REACH and RoHS 2 compliant.
Series SUPER HC®
EAN 5412571078336


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