Bearing heaters

Bearing heaters are a safe and effective method of heating bearings ready for mounting. With a range of models available, you're bound to find an option that is perfectly suited to your bearing and application. 

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What are the benefits of using a bearing heater to mount a bearing?

The benefits of using a bearing heater to mount a bearing include: 

Ensure consistent temperature

Bearing heaters ensure that bearings are heated evenly, guaranteeing a consistent temperature throughout the bearing. This helps to prevent bearing and seal damage during fitting. 

Improved worker safety

When used correctly, bearing heaters can greatly improve worker safety, when compared to other fitting methods using heat, such as the use of naked flames or oil baths. 

Increased productivity

Bearing heaters are a fast and efficient method of heating a bearing, helping to reduce downtime and labour costs during fitting. 

Enhanced service life

When compared to methods such as brute force, using a bearing heater can greatly enhance service life. This is because the chance of the bearing and other surrounding components incurring damage during the fitting process is greatly reduced. 

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