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Types of Electric Actuators

Electric actuators are used in almost every industry, from aerospace to construction and agriculture to packaging. There are two key types of electric linear actuators actuators: positioning and thrust. Each of these types of electric actuator is used for a different purpose, but what makes these two types of electric actuator different and what else should you know about them?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the different types of electric linear actuator.

What Is An Electric Linear Actuator?

An electric linear actuator is a device that is used to control the position or movement of an object or system. It comprises of a mechanical system combined with an electric motor and often a gearbox.

A positioning electric linear actuator provides the translational movement of an object to a precise position. If required, this can be to a repeatability accuracy of just a few microns. This type of actuator is often used in machine automation, whereby a movement axis can be provided by a single device, making design and manufacturing more straightforward and cost effective. This type of actuator is also used where longer strokes are required, for example in palletising systems.

A thrust actuator uses a push/pull tube, combined with a motor and gearbox to provide a thrust force, for example raising and lowering a medical bed, raising a table, opening a hatch, etc. This type of actuator has shorter strokes and commonly isn’t used where high levels of positioning accuracy are required.

Electric linear actuators are commonly used in a wide range of applications and industries, including manufacturing, robotics, packaging, the food and beverage industry and many others

There are several benefits that come along with using electric actuators. For instance, they can be more precise than hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Electric actuators can also be easier to control and maintain, and often have a longer lifespan.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are two key drivers behind the move away from pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Pneumatic actuators, and pneumatic systems in general, require high volumes of compressed air to be stored (using considerable energy) and often suffer energy losses from leaks in piping systems. Hydraulic actuators require a fluid to be stored and pumped at high pressures, again using energy, whilst the fluid itself is potentially an environmental problem. Historically, high force actuators have dictated the use of hydraulics. However, electric linear actuators with forces available as high as 500kN are now available.

Electric linear actuators only use energy when moving, thus offering considerable energy and resource savings.

This makes electric linear actuators a great choice for a wide range of applications.

What Are Electric Actuators Used For?

Electric actuators can be used wherever motion needs to be controlled or a force applied. Here are just a few examples of where electric linear actuators may be used in industry:

  • Providing a 7th axis to Cobots
  • Positioning of medical beds, tables and other equipment
  • Pick and place machinery
  • Palletising systems
  • Positioning mirrors and lenses
  • Press systems

EWELLIX Electric Linear Actuators

If you're looking for an electric linear actuator that prioritises performance and delivers smooth and accurate linear motion, then you need look no further than EWELLIX.

EWELLIX is a leading manufacturer of electric linear actuators for a wide range of applications. Their actuators are available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit your needs. Whether you need a heavy-duty linear actuator for a tough application or a more compact option for limited space, EWELLIX has you covered.

EWELLIX linear actuators are suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction and food and beverage. So, whatever your application requirements may be, you can be confident that EWELLIX has an electric linear actuator that is perfect for the job.

At ACORN, we supply the full range of EWELLIX linear actuators. From the versatile low cost CAHB series to servo actuators with 500kN force capability, we can help you to find the right EWELLIX linear actuator for your application requirements.

In Summary

It's clear that electric actuators are versatile and reliable devices that can be used in a wide range of applications. Whatever your movement or positioning requirement, there is an electric actuator to suit your needs.

If you need help choosing the right electric actuator for your application, our linear motion experts are on hand to assist. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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