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EWELLIX linear actuators

For smooth and accurate linear motion, EWELLIX have the solution with one of the largest ranges of linear actuators on the market. 

The CASM actuator is well suited to fast, powerful linear motion. Compared to pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, the CASM electric cylinder is more flexible and allows for more accurate positioning.
The CASM's modular concept facilitates easy connection to the preferred motor and control system, considerably reducing design and programming costs. In addition, the high-grade materials and a sealing system with an IP54S level mean the CASM can be used long term, even under adverse conditions.

Reasons to buy from us

What are the features and benefits of EWELLIX linear actuators?

The range of EWELLIX linear actuators is vast, with a wide variety of options to suit every application and industry. A selection of control units, operating switches and accessories are also available to enable extensive customisation.

For areas where noise is a concern, EWELLIX have a range of linear actuators which operate silently, helping to minimise noise pollution.

EWELLIX linear actuators are able to deliver operational reliability of up to four times higher than other brands, keeping your costs and downtime to a minimum whilst optimising your productivity.

These linear actuators feature a compact design, taking up little space. They can be installed at virtually any angle, including vertically and horizontally.

For more information about EWELLIX linear actuators, or to receive tailored advice regarding your application, contact your local knowledgeable sales team today.

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