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How to mount a bearing using a bearing heater

Video Transcript

Andy Fletcher:

Hi I’m Andy Fletcher and I’m the Acorn Bearing Products Manager, and today I’m going to demonstrate best practice fitting using a bearing heater.

So [pause] I’ve got a bearing to fit onto the demonstration star, as you can see,  it doesn’t actually fit so I could use manual techniques, or, I can use the equipment which is the SKF TWIM 15.

So, I have already pre-set it to heat up to 100 degrees; I’ll just put the bearing on the heater, the thermocouple goes onto the inner ring. Press start. So, that will heat the bearing up to the correct temperature.

If you have a pacemaker, you need to remember to take a bit of care with this because it can interfere with your pacemaker. If you’ve got a watch on, the electrical current can affect that as well, so just be careful, make sure you take your watch off, and if you’ve got a pacemaker, just be safe.

[beeping noise] So, that noise indicates that it’s ready, all we have to do is take the thermocouple off, take the bearing over to be fitted and it should, just slide on, just like that. All we do is hold it in position for 20-30 seconds, wait for the bearing to cool around the interference fit, that way it’ll avoid any gaps between the abutment and the bearing and, jobs a good’ un!