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Automatic Lubricators

SKF System 24 Single Point Lubricator

Phil Mclaughlin, Regional Manager for the North, talks about the benefits of Automatic Lubricators.

Automatic lubricators offer an opportunity for lubrication technicians to streamline their lubrication methods, improve cleanliness and safety. This simple, easy-to-use device delivers small quantities of clean lubricant to a precise lubrication point at regular intervals set by the operator.

The beauty of the SKF System 24 single point automatic lubricator is that it come supplied ready to use out of the box. You don’t need a tool to activate it, basically fit the unit, set the flexible time period of between 1 and 12 months via the slot on the top. The units are available with a choice of SKF lubricants to suit a wide range of operating temperatures. Another benefit of the System 24 is its compact design, enabling it to be fitted in difficult to access areas, averting the need for a lubrication technician or maintenance engineer to venture into these potentially unsafe areas.

The chart below is a good graphic example of how an automatic lubricator can reduce the risk of failure.

SKF System 24 Automatic Lubricator - Reduce risk of failure chart