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Featured App: NSK Verify

NSK are taking measures into their own hands to help combat the sales of counterfeit bearings.

How can you tell if your bearings are counterfeit?

Counterfeit bearings can often be near impossible to identify, however there are measures you can take to you aren't the victim of these piracy products.

Unique 2D Laser Code Provides Traceability For NSK Super Precision Bearings

Designed to provide a quality guarantee, full traceability and act as an anti-counterfeit measure, NSK's state-of-the-art production facility in Newark, UK is laser marking its Super Precision bearings...

Counterfeit Bearings - Read the facts about this growing problem

Counterfeit Bearings - Read the facts about the growing problem of bearing counterfeiting

When you pay for SKF quality you should get SKF quality.

You may not be able to tell which is a real SKF bearing, but your machine will!Due to today’s sophisticated reproduction techniques, very good forgeries of SKF product boxes are being produced, increasing...


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