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Building A Ball Bearing - Part 2

In part 2 of our series, we continue to look at the process which creates the amazing ball bearing...

Building A Ball Bearing - Part 1

The precision when it comes to manufacturing a ball bearings from the start of the process to the end of the process is astounding. Here's how they do it...

Just for Fun: The Ball Bearing Electric Motor

The ball bearing electric motor is a unique kind of motor, with limited real world use, but with an interesting and extremely unique mechanism.

Ball Bearings in Space Exploration

Space shuttles, rockets, satellites all have a massive amount of internal and external components that shift and move to help them get into orbit and manoeuvre once they are in space.

New Energy Efficient Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings now available

SKF has extended its range of E2 energy efficient bearings to include double row angular contact ball bearings (DRACBB). The double row angular contact ball bearing is used in applications such as pumps,...

How Are Ball Bearings Made?

The majority of ball bearings are made from steel as it’s a strong metal which can withstand intense pressure. Ball bearing cages are also made of steel but plastic can also be used and it is a popular...

Common Uses of Bearings

The first use of a bearing was in an axle assembly by carriage maker and inventor Phillip Vaughan in 1791. Phillip Vaughan used ball bearings to eliminate the direct contact between the drive shaft and...

Helping Turn the Wheels of Industry with Ball Bearings

An introduction to a production of bearings. Acorn is an authorised supplier of SKF manufactured bearings.


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