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Cooper split pillow block housings

Split pillow block housings are the most common of the Cooper split housings. Used to mount split roller bearings in cartridges, the split pillow block can be used with either the fixed (GR) type or the expansion (EX) type split bearing and is available in several designs.

Interchangeable housings are designed with height-to-centre and bolt hole configurations that match industry-standard SN, SD, and SAF pillow block units. However, the footprint, overall height, and length on the shaft may differ and should be checked against the available space.         


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What is an angled split pillow block?

Angled split pillow block housings are designed for locations where there is difficult access for mounting the pillow block base. The angled joint of the split pillow block allows the housing base to be slid into position under the shaft without the need to hoist it, and is therefore suitable where:Angled split pillow block housing showing exploded view of bearing and cartridge

• there is no other means (such as removable packing) to create extra height between the mounting structure and the shaft

• there is no possibility of putting the housing base under the shaft in an area of greater clearance and moving axially into position.

Angled housing referencing:

  • SNQ series
  • SDQ series
  • SAFQ series

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