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Zimmer linear braking & clamping elements

Zimmer’s range of clamping and braking elements can be relied on for performing critical positioning, braking and holding tasks.

These high-performance components guarantee precision along with increasing efficiency, thanks to their short cycle times. They also have a secure and reliable hold, ensuring safety and protecting machinery from damage, as there is no relative movement in the workpiece, no clamping forces transferred to the guide block and high positional stiffness and accuracy.

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What are the features and benefits of Zimmer’s linear braking and clamping elements?

The reliable linear braking and clamping elements designed and manufactured by Zimmer have a vast catalogue of benefits, including:

High positional accuracy

Zimmer’s linear braking and clamping elements have an extremely high positional accuracy, making them ideal for use in cutting processes.

Low wear

These components are virtually wear-free, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements whilst extending the service life.

High holding force

Zimmer linear braking and clamping elements have an extremely high holding force on small dimensions, delivering outstanding reliability every time.

Outstanding service life

The innovative features of Zimmer’s linear braking and clamping elements, along with low wear properties, mean that these components benefit from an extended service life.

High stiffness

These components have a high level of stiffness, meaning they can withstand high loads without succumbing to deformation.

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