THK Linear ball bearings

With low friction operation and highly accurate linear motion, THK linear ball bearings are designed to be used in combination with a cylindrical LM shaft.

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What are the features and benefits of THK linear ball bearings?

THK linear ball bearings are amongst the most common variety of linear slide. They offer outstanding reliability and durability, combined with high levels of rigidity.

The nut is manufactured from high-carbon chromium bearing steel, with the outer and inner surfaces ground and heat-treated for ultimate strength.

These linear ball bearings are suitable for use in applications which are not subject to vibration or shock loads. They feature low noise operation, thanks to the molded resin retainer which prevents the balls from falling out whilst enabling smooth, silent operation.

Supplied pre-lubricated, THK linear ball bearings are quick easy to install. This enables you to keep your downtime to a minimum, maximising your productivity and keeping your downtime to a minimum.

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