THK Ball screw assemblies

With high levels of efficiency and outstanding levels of repeatability and positioning accuracy, These assemblies are designed to deliver high precision, efficiency, and load capacity, making them ideal for various industrial and automation applications.

Reasons to buy from us

What are the features and benefits of THK ball screws?

THK manufactures a broad range of ball screws, ensuring that there are options available to suit every application and industry. They can be found in most industry sectors, including automotive, robotics and manufacturing.

This product features extremely high levels of energy efficiency, making it the ideal component for use in applications where sustainability is a priority. In the modern world, businesses are putting efficiency at the top of their requirements list, increasing demand for products like this.

These ball screws offer outstanding levels of repeatability, as well as excellent positioning accuracy. They ensure smooth linear motion with a good tolerance for vibration and changes in operating direction.

THK ball screws deliver low noise operation, making them suitable for use in applications where noise levels are of concern.

These ball screws also have low maintenance requirements, helping businesses to keep their downtime to a minimum and to maximise their productivity and profitability.

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