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TEC Motors have rapidly become the largest independent stockist of electric motors in the UK. With over £7Million of motors in stock and over 80 years of experience, the TEC Motor’s team are a trusted and respected stockist within the power transmission sector.

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TEC Motors' success is testament to their solid strategy and clear vision – To hold more electric motors and gearboxes in stock than any other independent stockist in the UK – This strategy has enabled TEC Motors to eliminate the long delivery times usually associated with buying new electric motors which, depending on the manufacturer and the motors country of origin, could be anything from 6 to 20 weeks.

TEC Motors forms part of the global organisation TECHTOP, manufacturing IE1, IE2 & IE3 efficiency rated motors in either aluminium or cast iron. As an authorised distributor for TEC Motors we can offer the full raqnge of TEC motors and gearboxes.

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