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A Hook Spanner, or C spanner, is specially designed to reduce the risk of damage when removing retaining rings or locking nuts. The SKF HN series of hook spanners is manufactured to DIN 1810 standards and designed for use with lock nuts conforming to the DIN 981 standard. SKF HN Hook Spanners are suitable for the following SKF nuts: KM, N, AN, KMK, KMFE and KMK nuts, as well as nuts manufactured to DIN1804 standard. Using the correct spanner or socket is safer and can help to reduce the risk of damage to shafts and machinery.

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Why use a hook spanner?

Using a correctly fitted hook spanner helps to reduce the risk of nut damage, as well as reducing the risk of damage to the surrounding equipment. 

The use of an SKF hook spanner can also reduce the manual effort required, along with reducing the risk of injury during mounting and dismounting. 

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