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Even the very best bearings can only show optimum performance when they are lubricated correctly. It is extremely important to choose the right lubricant and to apply the correct amount at the most suitable intervals and methods.

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Incorrect lubrication accounts for up to 36% of premature bearing failures.

All-purpose greases are inadequate for specialised bearing needs and can cause problems rather than be beneficial. Bearing applications have a wide variation of operating conditions and correct lubrication calls for matching the Grease precisely to the application.

Acorn believes using the correct, high quality grease is very important to ensure maximum efficiency from your bearings. As such, Acorn offers the SKF comprehensive range of high quality bearing greases - available from stock.

Benefits of using the correct lubricant:

  • Ensure smooth, trouble-free operation
  • Maximum reliability – even under the most extreme conditions
  • Help prevent contamination from penetrating the bearing
  • Cushion any shock loads
  • Protect against corrosion
  • Selecting the right bearing grease for a certain application is essential for achieving the maximum service life of a bearing. 

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