SKF Connected single-point lubricator

The SKF SYSTEM 24 portfolio includes a solution for wireless monitoring of automatic single-point lubricators the
“TLDD series”. The connected single point lubricator, utilizes a web dashboard and interface to monitor the status of
each lubricator and change its settings.

The New TLDD Lubricator

The TLDD lubricator is based on the proven automatic single point lubricator from the TLSD series. The difference is that the manual set-up of the lubricator is replaced by wireless control through the online lubricator control panel. The connectivity is realised by three components which form the TLDD system.

The TLDD system consists of different components that need to be ordered separately


The wireless communication of the lubricator is achieved by utilising encrypted long range network communication inside and outside the factory. The wireless communication allows secure remote monitoring and control of the lubricators, reducing the necessity of frequent visits of the lubricators in the field. Two cartridge sizes and a wide variety of lubricants are available for the lubricator with adjustable emptying times of 1 to 12 months. The electro-mechanical drive system allows installations in all orientations and short feed lines can be used if the lubricator cannot be mounted directly on the machine.


The gateway supports the communication between the lubricators and the data cloud. Using the long range network, each gateway can connect with up to 1 500 different lubricators that are distributed across the factory. Should one gateway not offer sufficient network coverage, multiple gateways can be used together, creating a scalable system. To enable easy installation without prerequisite or complicate IT setup, the gateway uses the GSM network to communicate with the data cloud. All communication is encrypted to prevent access except by authorized users of the lubricator control panel.

Lubricator control panel

The system is monitored and controlled via the lubricator control panel. The web-interface visualizes the lubricator data in the cloud and offers intuitive interaction with the lubricator data. The lubricator control panel can be easily accessed by computers, tablets and mobile devices through the web browser. 

Features of the lubricator control panel:

  • Intuitive web interface for managing TLDD lubricators
  • Dashboard with summary of lubrication status
  • Automatic alarms and email notifications for troubleshooting
  • Easy monitoring and changing of settings of each connected lubricator
  • Access management for multiple users
  • Build-in machine library for identification of all lubrication points
  • with .csv file import
  • Gateway assignment to each lubricator control panel
  • Multilingual interface

Support plate

The support plate is a mandatory component for each drive unit for installing the lubricator. A support plate for grease lubrication is included with every drive unit with “-DS” suffix. For oil lubrication, a special support plate with none-return valve needs to be ordered separately.

TLDD Components

TLDD 1/EU-DS (with support plate TLSD 1-SP included)


Available lubricants
A wide range of SKF lubricants is available for TLDD lubricators. The cartridge sets are available in two sizes and are supplied with a battery pack.