Ruland couplings

Ruland offer a full range of zero-backlash, or backlash-free couplings which are available in rigid, beam, bellows, curved jaw, disc, and Oldham types.

Choosing the right coupling for an application involves many performance factors including: shaft misalignment, RPM, space requirements, torque to name a few. Ruland couplings are available in a range of different styles, sizes, and materials and matching a shaft coupling with these factors is critical to system performance. Our couplings experts can help you select the correct coupling that will match your application requirements.

Reasons to buy from us

Why should I use a Ruland Rigid Coupling?

What Makes Ruland Rigid Couplings Different?
Precision Honed Bores:
Ruland use a proprietary honing process to ensure bore collinearity in their rigid couplings. This ensures consistent bore-to-shaft surface contact for increased torque capabilities and a more precise fit. It also prevents the coupling from introducing misalignment into the system, which protects system components such as bearings, shafts, motors, and ball or lead screws.

Nypatch Hardware: In rigid couplings, hardware is critical. Ruland treat all clamp style rigid coupling hardware with their proprietary Nypatch anti-vibration coating that ensures that the screws seat correctly, do not gall, and can be removed and reinstalled. This leads to better and more consistent coupling performance. It also removes the need to treat hardware yourself, saving a considerable amount of time in assembly.

Bore Sizes: Ruland manufactures rigid couplings with standard bore sizes from 1/8" to 2" and 3mm to 50mm. Bores are available with keyways and in stepped sizes to make fitting them into your design simple.

Materials: Ruland offers rigid couplings in 2024 aluminum for light weight and low inertia when compared to other standard materials. This makes them more suitable for highly responsive systems. They also manufacture them in 1215 lead free steel for high torque and in 303 stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Benefits of choosing the Ruland brand:

  • Superior fit and torque transmission and alignment via precision honed bores on straight bore rigid couplings
  • Resistance to vibration and superb holding power on rigid coupling hardware due to the Ruland patented Nypatch® coating
  • Enhanced performance, reduced vibration, and increased speed capabilities on flexible couplings thanks to Rulands precision balanced design
  • Superior design on flexible couplings offer enhanced torque and stiffness while still accommodating misalignment
  • Hardware is carefully selected and tested to ensure maximum torque capabilities

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