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Maintenance is easy with RotaLube. Their innovative lubrication systems mean that downtime isn’t required to perform routine lubrication, saving you both time and money. Worker safety is prioritised as there is no need to remove chain guards for maintenance.

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Where are RotaLube maintenance products used?

RotaLube’s innovative lubrication systems can be found in a vast range of industries, including food & beverage, packaging, warehouse & distribution and saw mills.

These revolutionary lubrication systems reduce downtime in applications such as bakery ovens, provers and conveyors, as well as applications which have limited access.

RotaLube’s Innaccessible Chain Lubrication Kit is particularly useful on applications with fast-moving chain, which has the potential to cause injury to workers during lubrication. With this kit, chain can be lubricated during operation, without the need to remove the chain guard, protecting worker safety.

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