Rollon is a high quality manufacturer of linear guides, linear actuators and telescopic rails. Manufacture and assembly is in Italy and Germany.

Acorn’s linear product specialists can help with the specification and supply of linear rails, slides and actuators to find the right solution for your application.

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About Rollon

Rollon was founded in 1975 and manufactured high precision linear roller bearings for the machine tool industry. From an early stage Rollon started manufacturing linear bearings based on the bearing cage design. In 1979, Compact Rail self-aligning linear bearings joined the Telescopic Rail industrial drawer slides and became the foundation on which the company is building upon today. Continuing optimisation of these core products still remains one of the most important goals at Rollon. The continuing development of the patented Compact Rail linear bearing, which uses different proprietary rail profiles and high precision radial ball bearing slides, is only one example of the continuing efforts to innovate and develop existing product families. In the same way, Rollon continue to innovate with new product families. These include:

  • 1994 Light Rail
  • 1996 Uniline - belt driven actuators
  • ‚Äč2001 Ecoline – economical belt driven actuators
  • 2002 X-Rail – inexpensive formed steel linear guides
  • 2004 Curviline – curved monorail.

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