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ROCOL gear compressor and hydraulic oils

ROCOL’s extensive range of Gear Oils includes products found in their SAPPHIRE range, offering oils ranging from normal to heavy duty to provide protection for all types of gear boxes. Gear oils from the ROCOL SAPPHIRE range also offer the unique SUPS Start-Up Protection System to protect gears when most wear occurs.

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What are the features of ROCOL SAPPHIRE gear oils?


SAPPHIRE Hi-Torque gear oils have a weld load of 560kg, making them ideal for heavily loaded gears and any heavy industrial applications.

  • Contains unique SUPS* technology to protect gear teeth on start-up
  • Reduces wear to significantly extend gear box life
  • High performance, even under extreme pressure
  • Decreases oil change frequency, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Available in a range of viscosities to cover all applications


Designed to maximise power transfer whilst lubricating and dissipating heat to protect machinery and extend equipment life.

  • Available in a range of viscosities for all pneumatic and hydraulic applications
  • Reduces material wear to significantly extend component life
  • High thermal stability increases oil change intervals and prevents sludge formation
  • Low carry-over system eases air and oil separation, ensuring clean air and maximum power transfer
  • Available in a range of viscosities for all pneumatic and hydraulic applications

Filter Results

Filter Results

Pack Size (Per Unit)

  • 20 Ltr (9)
  • 200 Ltr (8)
  • 5 Ltr (4)

Viscosity Index

  • 100 (5)
  • 32 (5)
  • 68 (5)
  • 46 (4)

Food Grade

  • NSF H1 Registered (13)


  • Food grade lubricant (13)


  • Halal & Kosher, Vegan certified (11)
  • Halal & Kosher certified (2)

Lower Operating Temperature

  • -20°C (11)
  • -30°C (3)
  • -50°C (3)
  • -35°C (2)
  • -5°C (2)

Upper Operating Temperature

  • +120°C (19)
  • +130°C (2)