RHP Self Lube ball bearing units

Consisting of a high quality RHP radial ball bearing, a robust housing and an appropriate housing seal, RHP ball bearing units provide a complete solution which is supplied ready to mount.

Reasons to buy from us

Why should you choose an RHP ball bearing unit?

All in one solution

RHP ball bearing units provide an all in one solution. They are supplied pre-lubricated, assembled and sealed, so they are ready to mount straight away for ultimate convenience.


The outer surface of the bearing and the internal surface of the housing are spherical, meaning that the unit is self-aligning. This means that RHP ball bearing units are able to tolerate misalignment.

Configurations to suit every application

There are a multitude of configurations available in RHP ball bearing units, including:

  • Plummer block ball bearing units
  • Square flanged ball bearing units
  • Oval flanged ball bearing units

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