Radicon Elflex pin and bush couplings

Radicon Elflex flexible pin and bush couplings are particularly useful in cases where a limited amount of misalignment of the shafts is unavoidable. As the UK's largest Radicon distributor, we offer the full range of Radicon Elflex Pin and Bush Couplings for immediate despatch.

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What are the features of Radicon pin and bush couplings?

Radicon Elflex flexible pin and bush coupling

Elflex flexible couplings transmit torque through rubber bushes, which have an excellent capacity to absorb shock loads. 


  • Permits drive in either direction,
  • Suitable for driving all classes of machinery.
  • Low maintenance, Lubrication is not required.
  • No further adjustment is necessary after initial alignment.
  • Barrel shaped bushes ensure effective shock and vibration absorption.
  • The rubber bushes are tolerant to water,dust and other atmospheric conditions.
  • Facility to dismantle the machines simply by just removing the coupling bolts and rubber bushes.
  • The couplings work within the permissible limits of misalignment as per BS : 3170
  • Hubs are bored to suit the customers shaft size 
  • Couplings can also be supplied bored to suit customers exact specifications
  • Elflex couplings are also available with an integral brake drum

Acorn also stock a range of Radicon Crown Pin Coupling spares - Contact your nearest branch to discuss your requirements.

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