NSK spherical roller bearings

NSK spherical roller bearings have a high tolerance to vibration, misalignment and shock loads, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. 

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What are the features and benefits of NSK spherical roller bearings?

NSK spherical roller bearings are designed to stand up to high levels of vibration, shock loads and misalignment, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. 

Features of NSK spherical roller bearings include: 

  • NSK's patented Molded-Oil lubrication offers consistent lubrication in even the toughest environments.
  • Oil groove and holes in the outer and inner rings are available for ease of re-lubrication. 
  • For applications where hygiene is a high priority eg in the pharmaceuticals industry, the NSKHPS series is made from high-cleanliness Z steel.
  • A variety of sealing options are available to suit a wide range of operating environments and temperatures. 
  • Cages are available in steel, brass and polyamide for various applications.

Benefits of choosing NSK spherical roller bearings include: 

  • Operating life increases by up to 200%.
  • Up to 20% increase in limiting speed.
  • Special surface treatment to increase wear resistance.
  • Advanced manufacturing technology guarantees outstanding product quality.
  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to extension in equipment life.

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