Nadella linear guide rail & carriage assemblies

With options available for both heavy and light load requirements, Nadella’s range of linear guide rail & carriage assemblies is ideal for use in most applications and industries.

Reasons to buy from us

What are the benefits of choosing Nadella linear guide rail & carriage assembly?

Nadella is a world leader in the manufacturing of premium quality linear guide assemblies. With a wealth of linear expertise, this makes Nadella perfectly placed to deliver optimum linear solutions to meet your application requirements.

Consisting of an accurate and rigid linear carriage along with high-quality linear rail, Nadella linear guide assemblies are easy to assemble. This helps to keep set up time to a minimum, optimising your productivity.

These linear guide assemblies are suitable for use in a vast assortment of applications and industries, from robotics to packaging machines and from medical equipment to machine tools. Options are available to suit both heavy and light load requirements, along with harsh and aggressive operating environments.

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