Heating plates

Ideal for heating small bearings, heating plates are designed to rapidly heat bearings ready for mounting. 

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How do bearing heating plates work?

Electric bearing heating plates make mounting small bearings quick and easy. Bearings are laid onto the hot plate, where they are heated to temperature, causing expansion. This expansion then allows the bearings to slide easily into place on the shaft, without causing damage. 

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  • 110V-115V/50-60Hz (1)
  • 230 V/50-60 Hz (1)

Power Supply

  • 1000 W (2)

Temperature Control

  • 50-200°C (120°F to 390°F) (2)

Electric connection

  • Supplied with 2 m cable with EU plug (type F) (1)
  • Supplied with 2 m cable without plug (1)