Roller screws

For more demanding applications, Acorn offer a wide range of Roller Screw products in SKF manufacture - both planetary and recirculating roller type are available.

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How do roller screws work?

As the name implies, roller screws differ from ball screws as they use rollers to transmit force from the nut to the shaft. There are various types of roller screw available from SKF; recirculating; planetary; inverted and rotating nut.

Roller screws have the potential to offer much higher forces for the same diameter size of a ball screw, or offer the same force but with a much smaller diameter. A compact solution where high loads and long life are required.

Planetary roller screws types SR/BR, PR and HR are available from 8mm to 240mm diameter, with leads from 2mm to 50mm. Dynamic load carrying capacities range from 8.61kN to 3,860kN.

Recirculating roller screws types SV/BV are available from 8mm to 125mm diameter, with leads from 1 to 5mm. Dynamic load carrying capacities range from 8.5kN to 756kN.

All roller screws are manufactured to order. For roller screws in SKF’s preferred range (SRC, BRC, SRF, BRF, SVC and BVC [specific variants only]) then delivery is usually 6-7 working weeks from firm order.

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