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THK Linear Actuator TY Series

The TY Series of High Speed Linear Actuator from THK remains one of the finest products on the market. Designed to reach speeds up to 5 m/sec and accelerations up to 5Gs, the TY Series operates long-term and maintenance free. It also features a compact cross section which helps meet the demands of servo applications.

THK are a Japanese manufacturing company, specialising in mechanical components such as linear motion guides & actuators. They have been established since 1971 and the company name stands for Toughness, High Quality and Knowhow. Their aim is to “contribute to the improvement of society and development of industry by focusing on these three principals in our technology development and product manufacturing processes .”

The Linear Actuator TY Series provides standardised planetary gearboxes in 3:1, 5:1 and 9:1 ratios for optimum load inertia matching. As well as facilitating a variety of drive input shaft configurations, the actuators also employ utility hardware to allow for the easy construction of multi-axis systems.

The actuators have a built in caged ball LM guide model. What this means is that the products has an excellent and long service life, as well as long term maintenance free operation. This is possible as “there is no mutual friction between the balls and grease retention is improved due to the effect of the caged ball .”

THK manufacture the biggest range of linear motion products across the globe. As well as conventional linear motion guides, they also manufacture ball screws, link balls, mechanical actuators, ball splines and more. All of their products are designed and manufactured to meet strict requirements and their Global Engineering Team provide customised linear motion solutions, as well as mechatronic products for the most demanding applications.

The THK Linear Actuator TY Series is optimal for high speed and long stroke. It is a lightweight, compact structure. As an official THK authorised distributer, Acorn Industrial Services Ltd hold a vast range of THK products in stock, including the TY Series Actuator. Acorn offer same day dispatch on thousand of bearings, power transmission products, linear systems and maintenance equipment.