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The solid solution for a sustainable future

The recycling industry puts a key focus on sustainability, as it works tirelessly to build a sustainable future for the world. However, the industry is notorious for its harsh operating environment, including high levels of vibration, extreme shock loads, endless contamination and unforgiving weather conditions.

These challenging conditions inevitably lead to high levels of failure in machine components, meaning that new parts often need to be sourced and fitted long before the expected service life has come to an end.

Around half of all premature bearing failures can be attributed to either contamination or poor lubrication practices. Therefore, if we can reduce contamination and improve lubrication practices, we could reduce the rate of premature bearing failure, extending service life and promoting the sustainability of the industry.

Timken’s solid block housed bearing unit is the ideal solution for a vast range of recycling applications. With a robust cast-steel construction, this bearing unit is able to withstand heavy impacts, shock loads and high levels of vibration.

Supplied as a complete unit, the Timken solid block housed unit is pre-greased and sealed to reduce contamination and prevent lubrication errors. This reduces the amount of time taken to install the bearing unit, as well as enhancing its service life.

The bearing unit is supplied with a choice of a labyrinth seal or a triple-lip nitrile or urethane seal. A secondary seal such as a steel or polyurethane seal can also be added for further protection. The superior sealing protection offered by Timken solid block housed units helps to guard the bearing from contamination, reducing the risk of premature failure.

Downtime is kept to a minimum with Timken solid block housed units, thanks to the infrequent levels of relubrication required. It is also impossible to over-lubricate the bearing due to the specially designed sealing arrangement.

With seven different housing styles available, including pillow blocks, take-up blocks and flange blocks, there is an option available to suit every application in the recycling industry. Shafts from 40mm – 180mm in diameter can be accommodated, making the Timken solid block housed unit a versatile solution.