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SKF & Solar Power

Solar power is an industry which is now growing considerably as its uses and advantages become more apparent and the research into renewable energy deepens.  Solar power has not always been accepted as a mainstream or useful source of power but views are now being changed and solar power is generally seen as a good and responsible source to use for our energy needs.  It is now quite common to see solar photovoltaics, or solar panels, installed on the roofs of houses and you may even know someone who has had them fitted to their roof.  Using solar panels can give you your own private supply of energy and can perhaps even mean you don’t have to rely on the National Grid quite so much and so you pay less for your energy.

As the solar power industry expands, so do the demands for reliability and durability in solar power products.  There are many different companies who are involved with the solar power industry and these include those carrying out research and those manufacturing the panels and equipment.  There are other companies who help the solar industry by supplying them with high quality components.  One company in particular is SKF Motion Technologies (Now renamed EWELLIX)  who supply various companies in the industry with solar linear motion actuators and bearings as well as other essential supplies for their work.  SKF have gained considerable experience and knowledge in the engineering world and are able to offer the benefit of their expertise.

Having a working partnership with a supplier such as SKF has many advantages; it is easy to get advice on matters and to receive guidance on the choice of components and what works best for certain situations.  Providing advice means that the end product will be more reliable and efficient and will therefore be much less likely to need to go through any lengthy repairs.  Specific elements such as the linear actuators will be designed to be long lasting and suitable for outdoor environments as well as needing as little maintenance as is possible.

Although initially dismissed by many, solar power is a rapidly growing industry and there has been a lot of progress in this field.  It is now commonplace to see solar panels installed on commercial buildings and private homes alike.  As the research and testing improves so to do the manufactured solar panels and products.  The assembly of solar panels and solar power equipment makes use of a number of components including linear actuators, bearings and seals, all of which are usually supplied by a specialist company who will be able to give advice on the best components to use as well as advice on the installation and maintenance of them.  Some photovoltaics are designed to track sunlight and follow it to maximise the amount of energy being produced; therefore the components that are required very much depends on the function of a particular piece of equipment and where it is intended to be installed.  With the right research and guidance it is highly likely that solar power will continue to grow as an industry and become a major source to meet our requirements for energy.